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April 17, 2009

Its April. Holy bejebus. Consumed by work and then too happy that I am not there and have time to write here, I do not. sigh.

Its a weird job where you have to look at so many random penis’s and vagina’s and ask people when was the last time they pooped. My favorite annoying patients are the IVDA’s (intravenous drug abuser). I love them. Their pain is always 10/10 no matter how much dope you give them and they moan and cry and complain. I feel bad for them mostly because it sucks dog shit to burn out your receptors in  your brain for hard drugs when you are not in actual pain and then have to have actual pain and LO you are not high no matter how much you get. Well, I guess I could give them enough to be high for like a couple of minutes before it killed them.

My nemesis is still poop. In all forms. I think I am mostly grossed out by poop in a bag. Whether its from a tube up their butt or a bag for a colostomy. Its just yucky. Seriously, how can it be a fetish to be pooped on for sexual get offness? Really? You want me to poop on you cause it makes you hot? HEEELLLLOOO, anyone seen Dr. Freud? Really, get therapy.

I like the least writing my notes. Weird, right? I love to write. Maybe thats why I am not writing here? I have to do SOOO much documentation on the computer and on paper that I am burned out. I have already written the equivilent to a novel or something in the last two months.

I am not very fond of feeling like an idiot all the time even though people that I know who know what to do and are good at their jobs tell me I mostly know whats going on. I feel like a helpless idiot all most all the time. Gormless even. Running, running, running to catch up.

My back hurts, I feel really fat, my uniform is UGLY, it personally offends me when my patients curse at me or complain even when I know its just because they suck and are sick, there is never enough time and the longer I do this the more I want to start law school right now. Maybe I do want to be an attorney?

I would have a much better wardrobe but I wouldn’t have access to drugs to make the assholes shut the fuck up.

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  1. April 17, 2009 12:17 pm

    You would however have more money and more access to people who can get you the dope you require… ah the pros and cons eh! I’m sure you look wonderful in the tragic uniform! AH girl, I’m teasing, feeling for you… (If you need me to slap someone for you, just let me know… or I could just bring you cake).

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