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token of my affection

July 12, 2008

Late afternoon I reapply my lipstick and mascara while I wait for you to show up before my mom comes home from work. Its strange to see a boyfriend, if that is what you are at any point that I know you, dressed in nice pants and a tie. I feel so grown up.

You amble, as you are known to do, into my living room and thrust your hand that has been hidden behind your back to my face with a sly smile and pronounce, “Here, for you.” I take it and ponder the tiny white vase with a miniture red rose in and ask you, “Whose desk did you steal this off?” I smile at him and he laughs self conciously, caught in theivery and say, “Wow. How did…yea, well. Its the thought that counts right?” I say, “Yes, you like me so much you would steal for me? Thats sweet.”

There is heated kissing and rolling around and you take off your tie and I take off my shoes. Later, you take down my heart and crush me like a bug as tall handsome boys are known to do.

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  1. joefelso permalink
    July 13, 2008 10:50 pm

    I’m enjoying this memory journey through men you’ve known—I’d be afraid to undertake anything so brave. I wonder if, looking at them together, you see any patterns you’d missed before.

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