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A general downward spiral

June 26, 2008

I should have known that meeting someone for the first time when they pull down your pants when you are making some kind of announcement about too many people smoking pot in the stairwell and where the hell did all this hay in my living room come from and is that a fucking kitten is not a good sign.

I don’t know how many more months pass before we meet again but it must be like a year or so. You are living with this asshole I use to date who kind of ignores me mostly when I sit on the couch and eat pizza and watch TV. You are a bad influence on me because you like to do all the bad things I like to do and what no other boyfriend has ever done with me. You tell me one night  you would be my bitch forever if I bought you an eight ball and thankfully I am just repulsed enough to know that is not really a way to a guys heart. I am frightened that while I make pretty good money it could just go whoosh down the drain if I let you take over.

You buy us mushrooms for my prom. Its a scandal because I should have gone with JB but I liked you and wanted to go out with you and cool things a bit between JB and I because it was all too serious and JB didn’t even have a job. I didn’t want to cheat on JB so I told him what I was feeling and he left me in Loch Raven. Just got out of my car and kept our prom tickets. I hadn’t even done anything yet. Well, okay, maybe one kiss but that was it. I still wanted to go to prom with my senior year boyfriend but instead he took some wack-ass sophmore who felt a little overwhelmed by the whole drama thing of it. And I was super fucked up and had this cape thing that I just couldn’t do a thing with. Dancing was hysterical. Dinner…was hysterical. Even I if I hadn’t been on shrooms it would have been funny. I was vegetarian/anorexic/intodrugsmorethanfood and ordered the veggie plate. I think I was the only one. I got a potato, a crown of broccoli and some carrots in a dish. That was it. No butter. No sour cream, just this giant brown potato and huge crown of broccoli. I laughed and drank water and stared at my broccoli. I danced.  I took some more drugs..those speed pills truck drivers take that you use to get at 7-11.

We left the prom and layed on the grass and watched the stars and then went back to your place.We took off our clothes but you were just too funny naked and I was tripping to hard and well, we just tried to sleep as we listened to you favorite sound track, “Made in Heaven” and I think of all the things I could have done differently.

I feel like one of those choose your own adventure books and I have chosen this really weird path that makes the walls wavy, broccoli funny and make me break boys hearts as well as my own.

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  1. June 27, 2008 3:30 am

    We didn’t have shrooms when I was your age, er, the age you were then, so broccoli was never hilarious. You are captivating but also scary. That’s why I read your blog.

    And I’m glad you lived through all those drugs. I feel downright granny-ish saying so, though.

  2. June 27, 2008 3:54 am

    I guess you can always turn the page and try a new adventure.
    Also, that first paragraph is pure gold.

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