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Spwan has pneumonia and because there is nothing really interesting about that

April 30, 2008

Every five years:

1970: While I was incubating my mother was eating canned apple rings and french bread and my dad was wondering if he could do it.

1975: I was four years old and my parents were splitting up. I got a parakeet I wanted to name big bird but they talked me out of it and I chose Harold. Why, no one is sure and I can’t remember. I loved my big wheel and we lived in Middle River and I remember finding a turtle and being told I had to put him back where I found him which was just on the sidewalk. That was also confusing to me.

1980: I was 9 and lived in a big house for the first time and had a huge yard and no friends. I flew off my handle bars right in front of Nell Tapscott and her twin John on their way to a birthday party. Their dad felt sorry for me and made Nell invite me, bloody chin and all. I loved to play school, by myself, was a fantasic roller skater and that summer camped on the beach in Mexico with my dad and it was the best vacation I had ever had. We found lots of dead baby sharks and I can’t remember the reason why there were so many washed up on the shores in Encinada.

1985: I had the best jean jacket and got it before anyone else had one. I was considered super cool and all the cool girls wanted to borrow it. It began my love of fashion, clothes and subconsciously I realized people only like you because of what you appear to be. I had my first real boyfriend Dennis Patrick James.

1990: I was 19 and lived on my own in the hood off North Ave and was a bartender and a nanny. I made tons of money and did lots of drugs.

1995: I was 24 and living with D and in love. We were on Cape Cod and living together. I think that is the year we went to Europe but maybe that was 96? My mom was really sick for the first time and almost died visiting us for Christmas.

2000: Pregnant with Spawn, finally. Missing my mom who died two years before. I was working at a high end antiques store and loved my job. I planned to be a working mom and D would stay home with the little one. Spawn’s early arrival threw a wrench in that idea next year. Living in Baltimore in Charles Village in our first real home together.

2005: We lost a baby girl a couple of years before and had our girl Chica in 04′. We were a complete family and I still missed my mom. I loved being a stay at home mom and human food bank of nursing two little ones. We were going back and forth to Cape Cod and that would be our last year to do that as I had decided to be a nurse and really go for it. The next year I would start taking my prereq’s and 3 years later I hope to graduate. The next January I would start nursing school for real.

Where do I hope to be in 2010? A nurse, a mother, a wife and friend. Healthy. Happy. And working to live not living to work while I watch Spawn and Chica blossom and grow. Spending more time with my husband of many years by then and watching D be the successful artist I know he can become.

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  1. May 1, 2008 12:07 am

    Cole – you are near my Renaissance Man’s age and like him seem pleased with your life. However, he has just started on his family, while you and D have had some family loss in that regard. Reading about your nursing school experiences and your tough, loving attitude toward your own indicates to me that you have an awful lot to give in life. I hope Spawn recuperates quickly. G

  2. May 1, 2008 5:12 am

    Pneumonia? Ugh.

    Hope all of the years to come are good ones. As good as they can be, anyway.

  3. May 1, 2008 8:54 am

    I am not sure what canned apple rings are.

    But I sure did love my Big Wheel.

  4. May 1, 2008 6:36 pm

    Thank you suburban sock monkey friend…I never get your emails notificatios that you comment, so thanks.
    Spawn is already doing better…gotta love Steriods! He is chipper with a wicked cough and decent appetite! Yea, ‘roids.

    He is the best reader so he is infinitely entertained without TV which is a relief.

    thanks for the nice words , dear.


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