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April 28, 2008

Mud puddles and race cars. Kung-fu hide and seek. Running until you taste like a salt lick when your mother kisses you. Laughing with your friends and feeling special for today. Waking up to presents and special breakfasts. Phone calls, cards and presents. You can’t believe your mom actually got it for you. The people you love singing to you watching your face lit by 8 candles on your cake and squeezing your eyes shut tight making a wish. Being tucked in to bed as your mother tells you that she is so happy you were born. That she is so proud of you and loves you with all her heart. What a big boy you are and how much you’ve grown. All the new things you have learned in school this year and all of your friends. Laying in bed you think about how much you wanted a 3rd piece of cake and maybe, just maybe your mom will let you have it for breakfast. All your new toys waiting for you and hopefully the school day will go by fast. The mind wanders and thinks of boy things like which is more fierce, a tyrannosaurus or a hippopotamus? How far can you jump your bike before you fall over and crack your head? Who runs faster and can you beat them in a race? In the back of your mind you think about your mom and brother and sister and how much you love them but at 8 you can’t quiet articulate it but you can feel it and it feels good. You close your eyes and drift off to sleep on your 8th birthday knowing that next year you will be nine. Then ten. Then eleven. You’ll never be older than your brother or sister but thats okay. You hear your mom cleaning up the party and talking to her sister and brother in law in the kitchen. You hear your mom laugh as you finally give up the ghost and go to sleep. Dreaming of more wonderous boy things and how pretty your mom is and how you love the way she smells.

I can only imagine that for you and hope that where ever it is that people go when they die that you are warm and delighted and happy. Your mothers embrace calming you and making you remember all the love that people that miss you have just for you. Today, I wish you a happy birthday Brandon.

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  1. April 29, 2008 11:16 pm

    And a Happy Birthday from a complete stranger, to a boy who should have celebrated in real life…

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