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April 13, 2008

Spring has sprung and the clouds are vaguely threatening with rain but the sun setting is orange and purple and gray as many young people run around smacking each other in the face by ‘accident’ and scream and wail and romp. It is unseasonably warm, thanks global warming!, and I am studying at the party betuz I am a dork. I figured my children will be occupied and selfishly I can not watch them betuz there are many other responsible adults at the party so I can study my cardiac stuff.

Chica makes a bigtime friend in the hostess’s brother. He and his wife tell me how cute she is and I tell them I have a big test on Wednesday and they can have her…I will pick her up Thursday night. The new BFF of Chica says, “What  about Wednesday?” I say, grudgingly, “Okay. Wednesday.” hahahaha. We laugh. Chica comes up to me a minute later and says, “When I am leaving with them?” I tell her we were just joking and she can’t go with them. She asks why not? I explain that they have to work and they don’t really know us and that would be silly. She says, “Please can go? I promise I’ll come back! In a few days. You know, like in 5 days I will come back. I swear.” In all seriousness.

Later that night as I was tucking her in I asked her if she made any new friends at the party and she says, “Yes. Dat boy that threw me in the air and played basketball with me and we drawed on the concrete wiff da chalk and made houses and stuff. Dat boy.”

I say, “Honey, he is not a boy, he is a man. Was he your new good friend?”

Smiling sheepishly she whispers to me, “I think he’s handsome.” and she nervous giggles.

sigh. So young and already enamored by a man who can give her butterflies and pays attention to her.

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