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Catch a tiger by its tail

April 9, 2008

Going to school late in life really konks you over the head in a most unpleasant way due to the fact that you sit to study and KONK! some small heathen begs you to be her sister, while, okay, well your name is Nila and I am doing on vacation with my puppies in my purse and HA, puppies in my purse and OH I have to det my lipgloss.

I try to read yet another dry as a bone brittle tedious bit of information about PAD or Venous Insufficiency and HEY Mama, do you have a pencil, cause I don’t want this one because it isn’t sharpened ~~BURP!~~BURP~~burp~~ and HEY, Can I have dessert if I eat my dinner? And can I get that Magic Treehouse book if I finish my homework? Can I have a snack? Where are we going tonight? When can I have a playdate with Justin? Can I spend the night on a night its not a school night?

I write down bits of information I have no idea whether it is important for our exam because our teacher doesn’t really lecture in the fashion that she relays information to you that needs to be retained but more like a rambling conversation with an obviously intelligent drunk you run into at the bus stop who won’t stop talking to you and around whom you feel certain something terrible will happen if you don’t pay attention.

I read to myself my notes in order to remember some functions of the heart and diseases of the circulatory system while dear husband freaks out pacing around the house trying to get art done for his show and frets about giving up his long time job that pays well but isn’t steady for a more steady job that is less pay. He is grouchy and answers me in a grumbly way and says things to me while he walks from room to room and then gets mad because I can’t hear him. I tell him he has to stop freaking out because it is my turn.

He tells me he isn’t finished yet.                 sigh

I am pretty close and yet I feel like revolutionary war soldiers dragging cannons across the Berkshires to fight the British in Boston. It can be done, but only a fool would attempt it.

ps. still can’t find my spell check on my new dashboard. whoopsie.

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  1. April 10, 2008 4:09 pm

    Hank in there, Mama. The schooling is ever so important.

    I had to chuckle with you over the professor rambling along like a drunk; and then it’s up to you to glean from all that babbling just what might be important for an exam.
    Good luck!

  2. gino permalink
    April 11, 2008 3:08 am

    “…Going to school late in life….”

    Huh? What are you, 65 years old or something?

    I have to call you out for coloring yourself as “late in life”!

    Suck it up, Cole!

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