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Silly rabbit, most boobs are plastic free!

March 13, 2008

I read this and have resisted the urge to drive to Babies R Everywhere and bonk unsuspecting mothers on the head like in the “I coulda hadda V-8” commercial. Dumb ninny…she could have just used her boobs, you know the ones that came with the baby and not have worried about plastic and its contaminants at all! Now, if you have adopted and are getting your panties in a pinch…I am NOT speaking to you anyway. Let it go. You can only breastfeed (well, this is not entirely true but true enough and so you Lacto-nazis leave the adopted moms alone, I say…) if you grow your own and squeeze it out. For you moms who came by their families in a more complicated, infinitely more expensive and time consuming manner–like adoption, I am sorry for the plastic bottles. Switch to glass.

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  1. March 13, 2008 11:17 pm

    Adoptive moms can breastfeed, too! I’ve read (and written) several interesting articles about it, and breast milk can be so important for babies whose immune systems have been compromised through the stress of hospitalization, trauma from the loss of their mothers, and so on. I’ve known a few adoptive moms of newborns who used breast milk from banks. Though it’s quite controversial and not many adoptive mothers will talk about it, I’ve seen the benefits in certain situations. It’s something you might consider reading up on since you’re in nursing school; I did grand rounds a couple of times on this topic when I was active in LLL and it at least addressed some of the myths surrounding adoptive nursing.

    Oh… and if this causes controversy on your blog (as my adoption posts anywhere tend to do), please, just delete it. There’s no point in your blog being cluttered up with angry people.

  2. March 14, 2008 12:14 am

    I was a LLL leader for many years also. I nursed for six years , two kids, tandem for 2 years.

    I know you can re-lactate. You can initiate lactation. It is an incredible undertaking and one that requires a level of determination, commitment, time and energy many new mothers just don’t have. I think many adoptive moms find the party line of LLL to be very excluding and I never hear at the end of that statement, the one about adoptive moms nursing…”Easier said than done” I do not know of any mother who was able to fully breastfeed an adoptive baby when they had never been pregnant or breastfed before. I know of some who have because they nursed for many years their bio kids. I think it is a touchy subject because many women and families that adopt go through many years of feeling like a failure and feeling really rotten that they just can’t pregnant. I think the caveat that many women can attempt to breastfeed who adopt is a pretty heavy statement and one that is loaded with ideas that maybe ‘you’ are judging them.

    I certainly would never delete your comment and welcome the exchange. I think people can read what they want and feel how they want about it.

    Being cheerfully optimistic about adoptive breastfeeding is an important aspect but that is not all that is needed and is certainly no measure of motherhood and the merits of any mother. Making good choices for your family, being present and being loving and kind and nurturing are far more important in the long run of life than whatever first foods your baby gets.

    I truly believe that all babies are meant to be breastfed but in this day and age of fertiltiy treatments, so many varying types of the definition of family I would like to think that the overall emphasis is always on the love, guidance, good nutrition (though out life), patience, understanding, humor, humility, support and fun that family can bring.

  3. March 14, 2008 1:42 am

    Yay for glass bottles!

    Lily never took to breast milk bottle feeding. She’s likes it from the source. Like spring water. But I found that I could put it in the glass bottle and pour it in her mouth and she took to it!

    It’s the fake nipples that she hated. And we tried every kind.

  4. March 16, 2008 7:35 am

    I adopted and 2/3 kids were breastfed! The lactation/doc/myself induced lactation with reglan and a pump that just about sucked my nipples right off.

    I still had to suppliment, but still.

    It was awesome, yo.

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