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You’re a real big cookie

January 18, 2008

Did anyone else loose their minds last night watching American Idol and that cute girl after the stalker who’s new husband is a model and helped pick her songs sang Pat Benatar’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot?

Let me splain, no, let me sum up:

“You’re a real big cookie with a long history, of breakin’ little hearts like the one in me…”

Seriously, isn’t this, like the song Homer would sing if he was on a diet? Where is the cookie company all over this? Seriously, I had tears, I couldn’t speak, ask Debbi and still, now I can just think of it and I am going to pee myself just a little bit.

big cookie.

update 1/22/08……… reflecting upon this STILL makes me laugh uncontrolably. Yes, I peed myself a wee bit.Curse you Chica poo and all those ice creams I ate and my sad and distended bladder muscle. sigh.

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  1. caroline permalink
    January 19, 2008 11:52 pm

    omg, i can’t believe i missed the 1st A. I.
    it’s my most satisfyingly low brow brain gum and it make me so guilty-but-so-what happy. every momma needs her pain killers.
    i love that you love too!

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