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My first lube

January 14, 2008

I can’t sleep. I just can’t fall back to sleep for the 3rd time tonight waiting to hear ChicaPoo cough pitifully and sounding like someone stuffed a whistle and socks down her throat. I lay there wanting to read but not wanting to wake D as he has a job interview this morning.

sigh. I toss and turn.

My mind starts to relax and I wander around aimlessly thoughts popping into my head without much segue. Chica’s preschool. I hate they want to give lollipops for being quiet in the hall. Can’t they just be quiet in the hall because that is the rule and not a ridiculous one either? That is what is wrong with kids today. hrmph. sigh. toss. turn. OH, did Spawn finish his homework? Yes. Okay. What should I pack in his lunch? I wonder what ever happened to that peach brides maid dress from Christine’s wedding? Mmmm. I made her trifle and it was so tasty although my Velveeta Cheese Potato casserole went over better with her Dad. Gosh I think I am eating too much dairy lately  because I am farting all the time. Why do I fart all the time? I wish I knew where that peach dress was because Chica could wear it to a prom…it might look vintage by the time she is old enough? Hey, now I remember we got that trunk from Jim and it was still inside? I must have left it in Boston or maybe Juliet King stole it along with all my other cool crap. Gosh she was a slob but she and Cliff stayed with  me that night I was tripping and D refused to believe he was tripping too and just went to bed to SLEEP. So Juliet is not that bad. And her Dad made the best cookies. Hey I remember Jim had other stuff of my moms like that cool kings chair thing I loved when I was little. And that heavy coffee table and marble ashtray. sigh. toss. turn. He has the most terrible taste in furniture and decor. He had one of those fuzzy blankets with a wolf silk-screened on it hanging above his bed. I remember the tour of the house the first time I  went over. Jim showed me Kits bedroom and it was a wreck. Then his room and it was tacky but neat as a pin. And on his bedside table was the most gigantic jar of Vaseline I have ever seen. I think where could he have gotten such a big jar of Vaseline? Why would you need such a large jar of Vaseline? Why is it by his bedside? I am only 7 but I feel hot and embarrassed by seeing it and he quickly closes the door although I feel vaguely guilty but am not sure why.

toss. turn. yawn. sigh. ewwww. ick. Chica coughs and slaps me out of my walk down memory lane. I force my self to shut up inside my head and just go the fuck to sleep.

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  1. caroline permalink
    January 15, 2008 2:25 am

    wow. that rings of the bell of familiarity for me b’god.
    though i wish mine could be more about prom dresses and tripping. lately for some (?) reason (just being a parent?) it’s “oh fuck. my boy won’t be five much longer. oh five! five! how can i live without him being five??!! he’s going to leave me. and what use am i anyway? i suck. i suck suck suck. and there is no hope. oh god shut up and go to sleep already! but i’m lost! loooost! shut UP and SLEEP!”
    and on and on like that. etc. etc. and then i wake up and it’s (usually) just fine.
    anyoldhow, your writing tickles my spleen. you go.

  2. January 15, 2008 6:07 pm

    Isn’t that amazing…how our heads work and where we end up… It’s fabulous that you could bring it all back.

  3. January 16, 2008 2:06 am

    We are so alike! This is what it sounds like in my head as I’m falling asleep:

    I ate so much cheese tonight. Frrrrrt. Quick, pull up the covers over our heads before Debbi can escape. Damn, I hope I put the lid back on that giant vat of Vaseli…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. gino permalink
    January 16, 2008 3:54 am

    When I lay my head down to sleep for the night, I hear the “wa-wa” sound of that left handed guitar played by Jimi Hendrix.

    Pound more alcohol into your system. Suck more THC into your lungs, blood, and brain. Get pissed to the point of unconsciousness! You should see a dramatic improvement in your sleeping patterns.

    Sorry, I guess that’s not a very “spawn-friendly” lifestyle, especially ill spawn….

    P.S….Vaseline sucks for that! Too messy and sticky…

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