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Made famous by John Waters

November 15, 2007

The accent to my town is particularly, um, er, unusual. The accent here can make the most intelligent person sound like a driveling idiot. Seriously, hun.

My husband, not from here and devoid of any accent really despite growing up in Cape Cod, is often amused by the girls he works with and the words they say that seem to be unique to our town.

At work the other night he asked them after they said they needed to “WARSH the glasses or else they were gonna run out…”

As most of you may be aware, there is no R in wash but here in Bmore it is prounced that way. There are a lot of things many of our Balti-morons say real funny like, hun. 

He asked them how do they say SQUASH? Do they say SQUARSH? He claimed it is the same sound and why don’t they put R’s on everything? R’s for everyone claims D.

If I were not so shy I would tape myself, plast it onto Youtube and give my best B-more accent. Search away, watch some Baltimore movies. Catch a glimpse.

phonetically speaking I could invite you, “Go downy oceanhun, and we cud get wreally wreally stoned like and screw up our chrom-EE-zomes. Sit out by da porch, wait for da ool man come round, get some wooter from da zink. “

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