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International Take you daughter to the gynecologist day

October 30, 2007

On Monday I had to make a visit to the doctor almost as loathsome as the dentist and brought my daughter due to a childcare issue.

Before the doctor came in I explained to her what he would do and what his name is. She sat by my head and held my hand because that is what we do at the doctors when she is nervous.

She asked me, “Mama, why do you have to doe to dis doctor? Why can’t you see my doctor?” I replied that women have very special organs that one day, when she is finished graduate school and finds someone to fall in love with, may work to make a baby grow inside her uterus. She has special eggs inside her body that will be fertilized with sperm and will travel down her fallopian tubes and stick inside her uterus. When the baby is grown and ready to be born it will come out of her vagina just like she did when she was a baby.

She looked at me glazed and says, “Well, I hope my doctor has a fancy table like dis one…it has halloween socks on it feet! Cool!”

****** did no one notice or think to tell me I misspelled the title word? CURSE YOU PHONICS and my progressive open space school!

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  1. October 30, 2007 8:58 pm

    That is just so perfect I laughed out loud. Good thing you used all the correct clinical terms while she chimed to herself “Halloween Socks” over and over.

  2. Kate permalink
    October 31, 2007 7:52 pm

    speaking of doctors, have you read “lessons in taxidermy” by bee lavender? it’s by the online editor of hip mama, about her childhood as a perpetual patient. truly horrifying shit she underwent, and her commentary about all of it is so smart and interesting. i think you would get a lot of out of as cole the nurse and cole the human being.

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