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Dude looks like a lady

October 13, 2007

In honor of my MA born man I would like to reference an all time great Boston Band.  I would also like to point out that my husband is secretly a girl.

Upon hearing my spewing of hatred of this fellow co-worker my dearest exclaimed, a twinkle in his eyes, “I am so happy to hear you say this honey. Now, when I talk about him you will understand. I am so glad you hate him too.!”

Seriously, just like a girl, he loves his gossip. I always felt I could totally be a lesbian and I feel like I get a little girlishness in my husband. He loves clothes, shopping, art, decorating and cooking. He appreciates clean sheets and sparkling clean tub. He loves to gossip about people but not in a mean way just matter of factly as in , I am told he said, “Did you see that woman at playgroup? She was a maniac. What kind of parenting is that to let one child sit on another as punishment because she was too stupid to stop it in the first place? Who does that? Animals.”

He owns a lot of shoes and is always wanting more. He loves to get his hair cut and likes to smell nice although lately he rarely does. He gets too distracted to shower and looses all track of time and place. He needs his life stapled to his forehead and I know this about him and I do love him. Every bit.

Even the smelly bits.

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