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Back from the woods and we still have two children

October 7, 2007

We have a little less of Spawn as he left a good portion of the largest organ of your body along the road beside our campsite. Spawn learned the joy of a huge bump in the road to jump your bike off of and the fun of sliding in sand, grinding  your body along the ground scraping up bits of pinecone and dirt to be ground into your skin. Spawn fell and bloodied himself 6 times and 3 out of those 6 involved multiple injuries. He has a huge scrape on his chin, a GIANT 2″ by 4″ road rash on his left elbows, a small on on his right elbow. Both legs have multiple scrapes on each knee in various places and he has sand ground into his scalp. Jasper made a new best friend who is 8 and just the coolest fellow. They road bikes, burned things in the fire, looked at Pokemon cards and got very dirty and they talked of special boy things. Spawn was so sad to leave his friend and camp that he didn’t smile or talk for a whole hour but just looked forlornly out the window thinking of his new special friend. I love that he loves people so much. I love that he will tell people how much they mean to him. I am so proud of my boy who wears his heart on his sleeve and who gives his affection and love so freely. It makes my heart break apart to watch how deeply he is moved by the kindness of other people and how much he appreciates someone extending themselves to him. Spawn rode his bike with all the other big kids, with no grown ups on the way to check out our bikes. He fell about 3 times during the trip but like the stuntman he is born to become jumped up each time and said, “I am okay. I am hardly bleeding at all AND it doesn’t hurt much at all! I am fine! Really, mama. Fine!”

Chica sustained no injuries but enjoyed many marshmellows, pieces of gum and a bike ride in a pull along caddy thing with her new BFF Sabine who is also 3.  They laughed like crazy silly hyenas when the bike really got going and they shrieked and whooped and hollered along the winding trails in the dunes. Alden played and held hands with her friends and enjoyed swinging like a maniac in the hammock.

We went swimming in the ocean in October and saw dolphins right off shore, jumping into the air and blowing water into the air from their blow holes. We found little clams and sand crabs and made them prisoners in a bucket and watched as the clams stuck up their necks in the water to try and catch their lunch while they waited out their capture. We dug a trench to fend off the rising tide and jumped in the lagoon that it made.

We watched the stars come out our second night and saw the big and little dippers and some others we just can’t name. It was fun for the kids and a total joy to watch them have so much independence and freedom to run and play and ride their bikes. It makes me wish we lived in the country and they could do that all time.

It was hard to sleep because of late partiers and early loud children and the camp ground bathrooms were totally gross. I would still go back if invited again because the company was grand and gracious and our kids had the best time ever.

I think for a long time this will be the memory that all other fun times are judged against. Warmth, bikes, sweat, blood, tears, dirt, sticks, fire, stars, sleeping outside, dunes, sand, ocean, waves, critters, bugs, freedom and friendship.

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  1. October 8, 2007 8:10 pm

    Sooo nice!

  2. October 9, 2007 3:10 pm

    Can feel the grit. Can see the scrapes. Can taste the salty skins.

  3. October 10, 2007 12:41 pm

    “and he has sand ground into his scalp”

    Cole, kudos to you. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t have kids, so as a general rule hearing about the kid’s vacation isn’t really my thing. But this time, I was hooked. You made me pay attention with such luscious little morsels as “We found little clams and sand crabs and made them prisoners in a bucket and watched as the clams stuck up their necks in the water to try and catch their lunch while they waited out their capture.” I had to read that sentence over a few times, that’s how much pleasure it gave me. Really, bravo.

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