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Some perspective from a friend

September 12, 2007
key: MC=husband, all other intials are children. B=oldest A=daughter 2nd T=boy 3rd ADC=baby who shits himself

Having "my shit" put in perspective

The day started off early and not on the best foot.  I tried to get
done before others woke but to no avail, they were all soon up and 
about.  My mood was not the best because I had chocolate the night 
before which tends to make me a little cranky the next day (at least 
that's my excuse and I'm sticking too it).  Schooling was not going to 
great, AEC was not "getting" her math which I thought she already "got"

last semester, BMC was doing well but slightly irritated that his work 
was somewhat contingent on Mom and not independent like he likes.  THC 
was rowdy, playful and doing some work and ADC was not wanting a nap,
nurse, or playtime, just wanting to sit in the sling which places him 
very close to my ear while fussy/crying!!!!  So hence the frustration 
grows and so does my pity party.  WA, Wa, wa......I just wanted to go 
back to bed or read or doing something other than what I was doing
was taking care of everybody else and feeling like I wasn't getting 
anything constructive done.  So I decide a trip up to the Willis
mart for tonights chicken and a cup of coffee (so I can stay up late 
tonight and get work done while everyone else is sleeping), a trip to 
the post office to mail a very late birthday present to a cousin, and a

stop at the neighbors for fresh milk and eggs would break the day up a 
little.  Still feeling put out, put up, and just plain old sorry for 
myself.....we arrive at the store and while getting ADC out of the car 
seat realize he has SHIT all over himself and the car seat!!!  I do not

have the diaper bag, duh!!!!!!!!  "Everyone back in the car we are
home!"  And I am near breaking point....there is shit on me and then I 
hear AEC say "he has poop on his hands!!"  So I throw her a napkin and 
ask as nice as I can for her to clean his hands and try to keep them
of the shit, i mean poop.  I'm really wanting coffee and my bed, 
boohoo.  I get home and MC follows me in, helps me clean the shit off 
ADC and says "go to the store, I've got them, you need a break"  So of 
course I practically run to the car and I'm outta there in seconds 
flat.  So I'm standing in line at the small store feeling sorry for 
myself and thinking of all the work that needs to be done (4h horse 
club, schooling schedules, phone calls, diaper washing, etc....).  I 
turn around and there stands acquaintance from the kids 
previous public school experience who's 14 year old daughter died in a 
horrible car crash just 10 days ago.  I hug her, tell her I'm sorry for

her loss....I buy my chicken, coffee and birthday flavored ice cream
the family.  I tell Patsy to "take care" and walk out having "my shit" 
put in perspective......that coffee tasted just a little bitter this 

I hope that made felt good writing it down and sharing it 
with you....I love you...and miss you....TracyAnn
Since you dont' have your own blog....Thanks Trac and I love you and miss you always. My bestest oldest friend ever.I love and respect you so much!
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