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Now you sayin, why don’t she write?

September 8, 2007

1. Well I started Clinical this week at Johns Hopkins and am on the Neurological floor. Very cool. Don’t do anything that might trigger a CVA (stroke) cause it looks like it really sucks. Seriously. I do like it and love the patients again and am feeling okay so far.

2. I have my first exam for Med-Surg I this monday and I have been studying most of my free time.

3. Spawn started a new school and we are busy with homework and catching up with one another every day, when I am not studying. He runs to me each day to tell me how much he misses me. I try to take a moment to remember that because I am sure this will not last.

4. I am gearing up to start teaching my Pilates class again at the YMCA and then at a bookstore/cafe/kids hangout in my neighborhood soon.

5. We are still playing catch up with laundry (mostly putting it all away…) and house cleaning since coming home from camping and getting started with school.

6. There has been a lot on my mind lately but writing about it all seems to not be happening. I am an enigma.

7. My brain is mushy because Chica-Poo has been getting up at 5am most mornings and I am tired. Tired. Tired. (I just had to retype that about 4 times betuz I can’t spell tired. THATS how tired I am.)

8. I don’t really have anymore but I like a nice round number, like say 10.

9. One more and I have gotten to ten and that will make me feel like I have accomplished something.

10. I miss Spawns old school in many ways and miss his classmates. I got to see a lot of them today at a Back to School Blast where I facepainted for about 3 hours. In the hot humid sun. With a chorus of a screaming toddler and within eyesight of the mother beating him a little because he won’t stand absolutely still at a park. With tons of kids running around. In the 88* degree weather. For an hour because even with 3 of us doing it, there were about 45 kids on the list and another 15 or so just standing in a line with a face painter ignoring the list. The screaming toddler’s family was about #37, 38, 39 on the list. She tried to force the small screaming toddler to get his face painted (I think because it was free and who isn’t gonna get all the free stuff available even if you don’t really want it? GO AMERICANS!) . I refused so I wouldn’t poke him in the eye (he actually shielded his face from me as his mother tried to pry his little baby hands off his face) and she almost picked a fight with me. While my fellow former class parents, founders of our school and teachers stood and sat there and watched this mother freak out on me with NO support what so ever. She actually swore at me. Over facepainting her toddler who was screaming and hiding his face.

Yes, I wanted to kidnap all those children and take them home with me. They were lovely and sweet. Thankfully it did not come to blows in any way and I escaped the prospect of jail one more time in my life. yea me.

It was pretty great though, the looks on each childs face as I revealed to them the pathetic and poor illustrations I feebly tried to paint on their faces. Sadly I got all the spider man’s because I said I had seen it done before. It looked ridiculous but each child looked at me as though I had bestowed ponies and gold to them and I teared up each time as their faces went from serious study to their transformation, evaluation and then to complete wonderment with the largest grin possible. It was magic and I am grateful to them for that.

It is good to remember what is magic to a child is just ordinary to an adult and we don’t have to try so hard to be magnificent.

A child’s imagination and the possibility of transformation is a powerful thing and I am proud to have given them  an afternoon to be a butterfly, spider man, a monster truck, a skull or a flower. The design will be washed off tonight or if some are really insistent maybe it will be all over their pillow tomorrow but it will fade and vanish. But hopefully not the notion that they can be whatever they wish.

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  1. September 8, 2007 11:05 pm

    Number ten is very beautiful and sad and wise. And you are lucky to be at Johns Hopkins, such an excellent teaching hospital. And yeah, I was wondering what you were up to, not posting and all. You were missed.

  2. September 9, 2007 3:00 am

    Did you get any bizarre facepaint requests? Anybody ask for Stu Kerr or anything?

  3. September 10, 2007 11:19 pm

    How interesting! I’m frequenting that institution these days. I’m probably the one walking around muttering to myself…

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