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For a friend in need of some perspective of the bloggy world

September 5, 2007

My sweet friend who is so smart and caring….the world is full of people who want to watch a car wreck. Who love to see someone flop on their face. I would not be concerned about the topics people google to come to your site. To make you feel better, here is my list from today:

mr. green jeans 2
tune dreads 2
i know you want to leave me 2
i know you want to but i refuse to let 1
penis obsession 1
i know you wanna leave me but i refuse t 1

Random. Weird and kinda strange. I had a tangent on pirate jokes a while back on International Pirate Day or something and I still get at least one or two people a week who stop by for that.

Think about how weirdly anonymous and goofy you can be typing away on your computer looking around for stuff. I am sure when people are looking for penis they don’t expect what they find here! Ha. Maybe they will come for the poet’s tragedy but they will stay for the other good stuff.

Seriously, if you can help cut down most everyone searching for porn on the net you have done a service to all of mankind.

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  1. September 5, 2007 1:00 pm

    Funny, when I started posting my story “Potatoes,” which ends up taking place in Idaho, I swear I got my first visitor via google from Boise, Idaho. I figured it was the Potato Industry checking to see if I was badmouthing potatoes or something. Your list is extremely comforting. Thanks. It’s so hard not to care about every little stupid thing. Perspective, perspective, perspective.

  2. September 7, 2007 3:26 am

    I love car wrecks. Or alternatively when 4 lanes of I95 just north of the tunnel stops to rubberneck a skinny blond wearing white pants standing next to her convertible with a flat. 3 cops stopped to assist her! How helpful…

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