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Silence is the sound of my head exploding

August 28, 2007

Hi, I say all breathy and stupid. Breathy because my cardiac output has decreased under the tight constriction my vascular system is now that I have until Sept. 10th to cram all the information about the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM and PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT into my head. Stupid betuz I am.

I have a headache. I feel disoriented. I am slightly nauseous and my eyeballs ache. I am suffering from a metabolic disorder as I am sure my pH is down as is my CO2 levels. Somebody, anybody, have a paper bag or something?

What was I thinking? Really? The first thing any of my profs so far have said in class is how hard the class is and how many people fail. Most of us are all seriously smart. Really. I don’t fit in. I am a square trapezoid in a round hole.

Clinicals. Argh. I have found out I may have an evening clinical. gasp. gasp.gasp.gasp. GULP. can’t.breath.must. die.

Or worse yet, up at the crack of chicken to go to the hospital. Seriously, anyone, somebody?

I must go to bed.

I am reading the book, COCAINE: Unauthorized biography. It is very interesting and makes me think I could just do drugs. They sound more fun than school although more expensive.

aaarrrgh. gack. plaaaaaah.bltz. fuck.

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