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Rain, Thunder, Lightening…Camping!

August 25, 2007

Who knew camping would be so much fun when it rains every night, your tent leaks and it is too cold to go the beach (in August.)? Well, knock me over with a feather!

We had the best time ever. The camp ground we went to had a water park free to campers, on site laundry, free hayrides with a guitar player, free yoga in the morning, tons of kids, two playgrounds (one right next to our tent practically), a camp store that was not over priced, an arcade, cheap fire wood, a free movie every night and more sand than you could shake a stick at.

Our tent leaked on Sunday pretty badly during the rain storm that gave about 1 1/2 of rain in about 6 hours. The ligtening and thunder were so loud and often that you could not sleep. Even if the noise of that did not scare you awake the sound of buckets of rain being dumped onto the tent (yes, the first night we did not put up our tarp over our tent… bummer!) was enough to keep you awake because it sounded like a million marbles being chucked at a plate glass window for 4 hours straight. But we awoke, well, the children awoke that morning as we did not sleep at ALL and greated a terrific day for the most part. It was cloudy but not too cold. The next day we went to Assateague and saw so many ponies and deer because the cool rain had refreshed every single thing (including the mosquitoes!) and all were out to celebrate. Our trip there was a spontaneous trip to South Ocean Beach (very lovely) and we had a giant sunny spot just over our heads for the whole afternoon. The kids and I got in the 80* water with our clothes on and D, like the trooper he is, went all the way back to camp to get our beach stuff, and it was just awesome. The hurricanes off the Atlantic ocean kicked up some wickedly powerful surf but the kids loved falling down and being knocked over. I thought D would have a heart attack. Cape Cod has pretty tame surf and the ocean is usually too cold to swim and the bay has no waves and he was freaked out. The kids were exhausted and wrung out from it all. We all went to bed early that night.

Proudly we cooked 14 out of 17 meals we had to eat on our trip and we ate all the perishable stuff we brought with us. Our whole vacation, 5 nights and 6 days only cost, including gas, camp site, food…whatever, only about $650. A bargain by any standards. Camping is the best.

We went to a very cool and traditional amusement spot called Trimpers. The rides are amazingly beautiful and for about $20 your tiny kids can ride about 5 rides each. We played Skeet Ball and got a ton of tickets to get cheap and shitty prizes ( Alden lost hers the next day at the beach and has JUST now realized it and is wandering the house crying and moaning her lost treasure.)

It was very nice to come home to non-damp sheets, no sand on my floor–although there is plenty of dirt–and to not have to pee in a bucket at night when we have to pee so that we don’t get soaked in the rain walking to the bathhouses. I took a shower that did not have to be pushed buttoned every 30 seconds to keep the water on and I could make it as hot or cold as I liked. And I could shower alone without the company of Princess Chica-Poo who whined and cried the whole time about “I doan wike showers wiff you. I wanna take a baff and not a shower wiff you. Stop it. You are hurting my eyes and doan rub my hair so hard. Owie, mama, you are getting watner on me. Stop it. Are we done now? Now? Now? Now? No? I wanna be done NOW. Stop it. HEY…can you braid my hair but don’t twirl it? Gosh you have hair on your vagina. That’s funny. Where is my hair? Your belly is very big. hahahhahahahahha. Big belly. Big belly. Big belly. HEY I have to go poopy! Will it be  brown? Are we done yet? Will you give me some lipstick? I want lipstick. Are we done now? Now? Now? Now? NO?………..”

Every night was an adventure because the little beasts would wind up all scooched around and off their mats and upside down on their sleeping bags and would wake up with a start a little confused by where they are and what they are doing in a tent. Also Spawn talks in his sleep. A lot. Loudly. And it kept waking me up and scaring me because he was saying loud things like, “HEY, I got it. Don’t do it. NO. NO. I can’t have that. …….”

So we are home to 100% humidity and hot, hot, hot weather (cue The Cure…..I like it when the lightening  comes, hey, hey, hey, yes I like it a lot…”) and our house. Full of stuff and we are ready for our new school year and a regular routine. I still smell like camping. I don’t know if that will ever go away. Who knew I would be the campin’ kind?

Now my mission is to convert every single one of my friends and make them camp with us every year. You are all officially invited!

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  1. Heidi permalink
    August 25, 2007 11:46 pm

    I love to camp. Was this your first time camping? I have tried to organize a camping trip with my friends every year and eveyone always says no. I will definitely come.

  2. August 27, 2007 2:33 pm

    Feral horses at the beach? That’s amazing. What a magical place. I camped cross-country with my kids one summer. Lots of thunder, lightning, floods and tornadoes, especially in South Dakota, but it was the best family trip of our lives.

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