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August 8, 2007

WHO the HELL lives in Salisbury MD and reads me all the time? I have a site tracker widgety thing-a-ma-bob and I can see the ISP and where it comes from, most of the time and who is this lurker? It can not be multiple people there in that one town and truly I think I can name on one hand the people that read me regularly and the others are drive-bys I am certain. You lurker you…COMMENT already. Be brave. Be silly. Be rude. Don’t just watch for pete’s sake. And who is this pete anyway? WOW, wouldn’t it be weird if their name WAS Pete? Show yourself lest ye bear the torment of my wrath!

Did I spell bear right? Is that the right one? Freaking homonym’s. That is what that is correct? Debbi, oh my grammar/language and weird remembering numbers person. And happy anniversary darling and I can’t believe I forgot the day I showed you that Traders Joe’s is not a clothing store but full of food.  Here is to many more years free of HFCS, hydrogenated oil and artificial anything. xxxxxxx

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  1. August 8, 2007 3:40 am

    I’ll have to check with Keith for sure, but I think that the person who looks like they’re from Salisbury may just have an ISP that is in Salisbury – so they may be somewhere else. I could be wrong.

    Bear and bare are homonyms, and you did use the right one. They are also homophones, because they sound the same. Words are cool!

    Happy anniversary right back atcha!

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