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…..and we are back!

July 31, 2007

Some of it was grand and some of it sucked the living shit out of the universe. The kids were just great and had the best time. The weather was lovely, hot and sunny every single day. I got to see my family that lives in Glen Ellen, CA and the kids saw all their Ptown friends. We saw horseshoe crabs at low tide at the Cape Inn beach. We caught herring in a net and watched them swim in a bucket. We captured horseshoe crabs and made them our slaves. Hunting for shells and digging giant holes in the sand were full time occupations as was eating fudge from the Penny Patch. We stayed up late to watch the sun go down and sadly got up early to watch the sun come back up. We were sandy and sweaty. We went on a Critter Cruise on the VIking Princess, took a dune tour with Art’s and played mini-golf in Orleans. An early birthday celebration for our beloved cousin Kolby hosted by Cait’s lovely family in Truro was a blast. We feasted on vanilla butter lobster pasta and a sweetened creme fraiche fruit tart and drank yummy wine from my Aunt Mary. Laughter, drinking, eating and two crazy children racing around the hexagon house stirred the level of sanity up a notch. A dinner of local pizza and 4 1/2 children racing around the house was a fabulous night out with Cat and Tom and their girls + a boy yet to be born. Chica got some precious hand-me-downs from the twins and has insisted on wearing them for the last 36 hours that we have been home! Spawn found fuzzy white caterpillars with Sophie and Yelena and carefully placed them back on their flower homes. Up to Plymouth we went to see Mary and Tony who hosted us with take out Chinese and toasted marshmallows by their outdoor woodstove/fireplace thingy. I think I ate half my weight in toasted marshmallows. We arose early to a fine day and waffles on Powder Horn Pond with our friends Hannah and Noah and their new little bean Ada. We caught toads and Spawn caught  fish and released him holding his slippery body gently and easing him back into the water. Spawn was so proud and kept smelling his hands (until we washed them of course….) and remarking that he can still tell he caught a fish! Alden waltzed bravely into the pond and walked around on its mucky-ness swimming with the water bugs, fish and turtles in the shade of pines and oaks. Saying goodbye to Mary, Tony and their now famous-in-a-book-dog Lloydie was sad but they made our last days in MA the best. A long rainy and thick with traffic afternoon turned into a lovely sunny thick with traffic evening into a thick with traffic night. We pulled into our driveway 10 hours after we started and about 1/2 hour before Chica gave up the ghost and fell fast asleep. We layed their sweaty and still salty bodies into their beds and after we unloaded the car collapsed on the porch too wired to sleep. Laying down on clean sheets I had the forethought to make up before we left I felt happy that I have such an amazing family. Happy that we survived and still loved each other. Glad that I met D 15 years ago in Ptown and how handsome and funny I still think he is. Loving my adventurous children who are fun to be with because they are so appreciative and were consistently reminding me how beautiful the sky was, how amazing nature is and how much they love us.

The best thing I learned on my vacation was if you love and care for someone you have to say and show it. It is not enough to hope they understand by osmosis. Love is an active noun and in order to fully appreciate it you have to get yourself in it. Love is messy and complicated but worth it in the long run. If you don’t show it enough–if you don’t use your love enough it slips away and you are all alone looking at the beautiful sky. Beauty is multiplied when you share it with those that you love and that love you.

For gosh’s sake I sound like a fucking hallmark card or something. Jesus….being in the car and getting no sleep and **other stuff not worth mentioning** has sucked all the smart shit right out of my brain. Christ how maudlin? Well, fuck it. Love, in all its forms is pretty fucking great and I have it and I know it.

So there!

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  1. July 31, 2007 5:08 pm

    Welcome back, chica! Love the life lessons, Hallmark-y or not. And wow…foresight for clean sheets before you left? That’s pretty fabulous. I’m quite impressed, mon frere.

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