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Dodododododododododo (twilight zone theme…)

July 15, 2007

“Dare is dat baby, she is flying betuz she is crazy. Catch her, catch her, catch her!” Chica cries.

“Alright, ” huff, huff, huff-Spawn pants as he looks around nervously, “Okay, I got her! She is turning her super power to be ANYTHING GIRL, so be ready because we won’t know what she will do!” he runs down the hall toward the couch.

“OH no! She doeing to det away and you have to catch her NOW! Go take her to her house so she will be safe. Here, put her in here!” Chica suggests.

“Anything Girl might just spin out some fire and then disappear because she CAN be invisible. So be ready, wait, wait, WAIT…I got her!” He claps his hands above his head and holds his hollowed fists to his chest.

“Here put her in her bed where she will be safe.” Chica hands brother a piece of furniture from our “new to us” dollhouse.

Spawn places Anything Girl inside for safe keeping as D walks by and askes, “Why are you putting the baby in the oven?”

“Oven?” they both say in unison. “Um, well  it will be warm?” Spawn says logically but hesitantly.

“OR we can cook her so she can’t disappear!” Chica says grinning and cackling like a seagull (we think that is what she was in her last life).

D says wisely, “Okay, just don’t put actual babies in the oven.” and walks off knowing his important job of parenting today has been successful. Important life lesson learned, “Don’t put a real baby in an oven.”

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  1. joefelso permalink
    July 16, 2007 12:09 am

    You have such a great ear for kid talk, and dialogue in general. This one, the one with the cold kid at the pool, and the birthin’ babies on TV one (those are their official titles in my brain) are all wonderful. Oh, and thanks for calling me a nice man…I forgot to say that before.

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