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Nothin like a little bit of independent thinking for a holiday morning

July 4, 2007

So I was checking out my blog and in general things going on in the blogworld of WordPress and saw that this particular essay and following comments about being a theist versus and atheist interesting. I think some of the comments are as or more interesting than the essay. Talk about religion always brings out the best in people. ha.

Mainly this reminded me of how last week on Friday a minister came walking up my path to my door. We have a great big giant plate glass window at our house and if you are in the living room you can see just about everything on the street. I spotted him in the humid sun and got up to greet him at the door. I said Hello and he said Hello and asked me,

“Do you have a home church?”

I had no idea what he meant. Home church? What the hell is that? I say, “We don’t go to church.” He smiles and tells me where he is from and invites us down there and I cut him off and say, “We are atheists. We don’t go to church. But thanks for coming by!”

He hangs his head in despair and shakes it slightly pausing to look at the bible in his hand and asks me in a small voice, “Have you read the bible?”

I tell him, “Well, yea, thats why I don’t believe in god. But thanks. We are just fine here. Don’t get to hot and try to stay cool today!” I say cheerfully wanting to leave him with a friendly impression of a heathen going to hell. He moves back down our path head hung low and looks back and sort of smiles and says, “Today is pretty hot, but I will do my best.” I think he was shocked I said something banal and conversational.

After he left I thought of all sorts of funny and clever to say to him but realized I would be preaching myself and who needs that? One thing I hate is the presumption that my life is empty and pitiful because I don’t have god in it and if I just would open my mind and really hear what they were saying I would be saved. Saved from what? If I don’t believe in god I certainly don’t believe in hell and wouldn’t it work better if christians tried to first convince me of hell before they could show me the value of believing in heaven and god? Granted not probably a good way to sell something but I think it is a bit more logical.

Why do I need to be saved from something that doesn’t exist?

Stuff that in your tithing bowl and spend it.

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  1. July 4, 2007 6:48 pm

    Christianity created both the problem and the solution to the problem. It’s a great marketing campaign.



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