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I can’t be a prince, duh

June 22, 2007

Cindrella had a bad family life. Her stepmother was withholding and cold. Her stepsisters were competitive and backstabbing. She toiled. She sighed. One day she is miraculously rescued by a fairy and some rats, pumpkins and horses. A prince realizes she is fabulous wearing glass shoes and nice gown. Her time is limited dressed like a drag queen and she runs off before he can see her tattered clothes. Desperate to find the diva who wears glass shoes and has a pumpkin for a carriage he travels the entire town to  find the girl who fits the beautiful shoe. His fetish barely showing.

So, I am about to turn the page and I ask Chica-Poo, “Who would you like to be? Cinderella or the Prince?” She answers quickly, “I want to be a prince!” I say great and I finish the story. If the shoes fits, fuck her and marry her I guess. The end.

A few minutes later she turns to me and says, “Hey mama, wait. I can’t be da prince. I am a durl and I have a vagina. Duh.”

Duh indeed.

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