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This is what blows my mind, what little there is that is left

May 18, 2007

Okay….about 80-90% of the Universe is made up of stuff that no one knows very much about. They don’t know what it is made of. What its purpose is. Or what effects it has on the universe in general other than creating a different gravitational pull and it does not reflect light.

Gray matter freaks me out. Seriously, when you think of all that we don’t know but suspect about the universe the belief that we are singularly created in some dudes image and there is the this supreme floating guy orchestrating the whole thing seems pretty absurd.

Is it just hard to accept that we might just be these pretty insignificant beings on this tiny water filled planet that believe we have some greater purpose?

I have been thinking a lot about the 3 Republican idiots who raised there hands and said they did not believe in evolution. I was watching Bill Maher the other night and Arianna Huffington said, “Well gosh, maybe they will say they don’t believe in gravity either!”.

I don’t believe it is a matter of faith but science–things that you can prove and see. If you want to be all spiritual and shit, go ahead. But just don’t pretend that it is some lofty cause. We are all just selfish people doing what it best for us so don’t try to use your ‘faith in god’ to have an excuse to be an asshole.

RIP Jerry Fartwell. You were a little dick and with an ignorant brain. I am sorry if your family is bummed out but you, good riddance to a pain in the ass. I hope all that Jesus shit is working out for you and he is not beating the shit out of you for being an intolerant fuck. Good luck with that.

So the score so far, in my opinion is UNIVERSE 1 , PEOPLE ON EARTH 0.

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