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Practice makes perfect

May 18, 2007

Little hands hold big markers, heads are bent in concentration and exclamations of HEY! Look at this, what I did bounce around my dining room table. Spawn and his Siamese Twin were drawing and writing some stuff making cards. Siamese Twin says, “Hey, look I can make stars. I can’t make e’s very good though…see,” and he demonstrates a pretty darn good e, “but they aren’t good.” he says. I tell him that the only way to do something really good is a special secret and did he want to know. Wide eyed he says yes and I tell him in a whisper, “Practice. ” Siamese twin looks at me ominously and with real contemplation. Down the other end of the table Spawn pipes up to tell us in a very serious and concerned voice that, “Yea. You know, I practice my arm farts and I STILL can’t do them. I practice and practice and no farts will come out of my arm.” Spawn is very sad but his Siamese Twin says encouragingly, “Hey, you just gotta get a lot of air in there and squeeze it.” Spawn tries a few times with his friend’s expertise with no luck at all. Spawn says, “Yea, I gotta just keep practicing!”

What perserverence. What dedication. I am so, so proud.

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  1. May 22, 2007 3:55 pm

    As you should be!

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