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For granted

April 28, 2007

You wander around in your lipgloss and coolest jeans waiting to casually on purpose bump into the person you will spend the rest of your life with. Trying to never burp or fart in front of them and sucking in your stomach and making sure your armpits are always smelling nice is an exhausting process when you are also thinking of stimulating things to say, trying to be a good listener and not just waiting to talk. Jokes that are not all that funny seem hysterical because you love them. The mess they make is not that bad and it doesn’t occur to you to be annoyed because sometimes you are messy too, you guess. You fight. You love. You are bored. You are amazed.

You decide to stay together. And you are together. And together. And together. Time stretches out like a cat in a warm sunny spot on the window sill. Your love unwinds and coils back around it self tangling like an old french phone cord. You are together. And together, the two of you.

There are times when you take each other for granted and if you are lucky and there are times that test the strength of your love it reacts like a tightly wound phone cord and does not come unraveled and you just become more tightly bound to each other. Love seems so large and can easily take in something else. You have a little person and add them to everything.

Sleeplessness, joy, discovery, hunger, delirium, bewilderment, humor, desperateness and love explodes over everything you have and everything you are singularly and together. Days roll by and roll by and roll by awakened only by moments of WOW! and A-HA! and HEY! and sometimes even WHY???

Most of the moments are everyday. Normal. Ordinary. But even the ordinary days have a spark that I feel like when my husband rubs his softly scruffy cheek against my cheek and I can smell his loveliness of himself. Or that feeling of my child’s hand wrapped tightly against my neck as they press there forehead into mine looking into my eyes seeing all the love I have for them. I am constantly on fast forward waiting to get to the next day but sometimes, luckily for me, someone I love pauses so that I can be reminded to never take them for granted.

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  1. April 28, 2007 2:09 pm

    That was really beautiful, seriously.

    On another note, do phone cords in France tend to get tangled more often than those in other countries?

    Stupid French.

  2. joefelso permalink
    April 28, 2007 3:02 pm

    “Lovely” is a word I rarely use because it’s overused, but…lovely.

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