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Not in a million years

April 23, 2007

Is it any wonder that the United States has never elected a female Vice President or President considering the obvious values prized in a leader as evidenced by the latest presidents elected over the last 50 years? So many countries elect presidents or prime ministers to govern their countries from the ranks of scholars and lawyers but the United States chooses to elect our governing officials from the ranks of people who consider themselves professional politicians. Most of these men have never had to work hard or scrape by on anything as they come from extremely wealthy families and very privileged backgrounds. It seems impractical to me to elect people, mostly men, that have no real world experience. They don’t worry about paying bills or where they will send their kids to school. They don’t feel a sting as the cost of living goes up again or worry about losing their jobs. None of them run companies or have positions of weight within the community either. You can’t count Cheney as the head of Halliburton as it is not as though he runs the company. Just sitting back, greasing a few backsides and making sleazy deals does not count in my opinion.

The United States is supposed to the most powerful nation in the world. I wonder if it is so because we are so large, have so much money and have idiots running it that makes us powerful? We are the most powerful because we are the stupidest and therefor the country to be feared the most and in that makes us powerful because you don’t want to really piss off stupid crazy rich people, right? Who knows what they will do? Like invade a country because we want to control a commodity but we are just barely clever enough to disguise it as a humanitarian effort to rid the world of a sadistic leader and free his people while our country becomes more enslaved to their bogus cause.

When I think of all the women freely elected into high government offical positions in foreign countries it just makes me so ashamed to live in this country. I know I am not alone and that the majority of people in our country object to how our idiot president bush is running the country and yet we choose to continue on and do nothing.

Our next election year is fast approaching and I want a change. I need a change or else we will have to move to another country. I can not continue to live in a country where products are more prized than people. Just from a business prospective….if you don’t have people, there is no one to buy stuff.

Now I don’t really know if I like Hilary Clinton for president. She seems pretty phony like her husband although NY has continued to elect her. I really don’t know enough. I know a change is really needed. Desperately. I would like to think that one day our country may earn the title as the most powerful nation in the world. I don’t really believe our nation as a whole is smart enough to actually elect an effective leader. We are too dazzled by shiny and sparkly and a fast talker who loves jebus.

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  1. joefelso permalink
    April 27, 2007 2:39 am

    Funny and scary and right. Alexis de Tocqueville said of us (about 175 years ago) that we are content to let others—someone, anyone—do the governing for us because we are too busy with our own interests to care much. Let’s hope that changes.

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