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This is not a time to turn to each other for comfort

April 17, 2007

The first thing I heard our asshole president say regarding the shooting in Blacksburg VA was,

The president believes that there is a right for people to bear arms, but that all laws must be followed. Certainly, bringing a gun into a school dormitory and shooting … is against the law and something someone should be held accountable for,” Perino said.”

This strikes me as a brillant idea. He is so right. It is not the fact that we have about 84 guns per 100 people recorded about 6 years ago. We don’t need to control our guns and import less them and get rid of hand guns or personal weapons for civilian people—we just need people to obey the laws! WOW. Truly a brilliant concept. I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before. We don’t need to control guns…just people. Time has shown us that people are easy to control and that guns–inanimate objects are just so tricky to control so lets control people!

This is one of the saddest things (lately) I have heard about. Listening to NPR this morning I heard a student who was on the floor above the classroom shootings and she said that between the loud gunfire and horrid screams she heard maniacal laughter and it was one of the most chilling sounds she had ever heard. This not unfamiliar. This has happened time and time again in our country. I have never heard of one responsible citizen saving the day or anyone for that matter due to their legal and responsible gun ownership. How did legal gun ownership stop Columbine? It didn’t..the guns used in that killing spree were legally owned and purchased. How did the killing sprees at the numerous elementary schools in the south happen? With a legally purchased and legally owned gun. Most weapons used in mass murders are legally purchased and owned.

So I propose that yes, a few bad apples spoil it for the rest of you. Sometimes you need to sacrifice personal freedoms for the greater good. It is not more important that you can arm yourself legally and be a responsible gun owner when the chances that a gun —legal or not—will be used for a crime. Police officers and our armed forces spend months training how to use a weapon properly, when to fire it, combat tactics, strategy and the seriousness of its use. All a civilian must do is wait three days and have a clean background check. No training. No understanding of its seriousness.

There is only one purpose for a gun…to shoot and kill someone. And DON’T tell me that you need guns to hunt. FINE. Get a shot gun. Kill innocent animals for fun and food. GO ahead. I am talking about hand guns and assault rifles. There is NO purpose, aside from the sheer reason to own something, except to kill someone or something.

Yes I have 2 children and a family I adore. No, I do not want to own a gun or wish I had one even if my family was being attacked. I have never been in that situation before but I feel certain that if guns were illegal and not allowed in our country and there were stiff penalties for its possession our country would be better off.

While my heart breaks open for the victims of this digusting display of typical American behavior and feel so desperate for the families and community members in Blacksburg VA…I want to urge them and the nation to not turn to one another in sorrow and grief but to be angry. Angry that as the most powerful nation in the world we continue to show little regard for the well being of our citizens. We continue as a nation to pray and support one another instead of act and make change. Don’t turn inward…shout it out that guns are evil. The is no good purpose for a gun and laws must be changed in our country to reflect the genuine love and compassion we have for our fellow man by respecting life.

Respect life…don’t allow it to be ended in a crazy persons whim by making it easy to get a gun in this country. Don’t sit and wait to be comforted because until we change the laws in our country you can count on tragedy like this happening over and over and over and over and over and over and over   and over and over and over  and over and over and over again.

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  1. gino permalink
    April 14, 2008 2:30 am

    Sorry. You posted this like 10 years ago, but I happened upon it by accident…

    Beautiful. Couldn’t agree more…

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