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Psst….hey mama

March 25, 2007

Spawn comes into the playroom grinning and says, “Hey mama, Chica said a bad word.” I ask him to say it. He starts to whisper so softly as not to actually say it and I have to tell him that he can just say it in a normal voice. Spawn tells me, “She called me a bad asshole.” Now he is not grinning. I ask Chica to come in and sit down and I ask her, “What did you call your brother?” She says in a cute sprite fairy like voice, “I say, you, a bad, stinky, asshole.”

Spawn says, “See?? See??” Chica quickly changes her tune and says, “Um, I just say you a poopy.” I think to my self, Gee, she knows that poopy and shit are the same thing! Genius.

I tell her that some words are grown up words and she can’t say them. She looks at me with her giant blue eyes between her platinum blond bangs and says, “Um, like asshole?” I say yes and to stop saying it. Chica says, “Otay, I won’t not say asshole aden!” I say, “Stop saying that word. ” She says, “What, asshole?” I say, “Yes, that word. Stop. Saying. It. Thanks.”

Spawn says, “Gee, that is a bad word mama. I can’t believe I had to hear that.” This is coming from the boy who while being driven to school the other day by Keith says, while listening to Blitzkrig Bop! by the Ramones, “Oh no, I can’t hear the word fucking. I am not suppose to hear that word!!” Hands covering his ears. His best friend and carpool-mate says, “Oh thats okay…I hear that all the time, I am just not allowed to say it.”

Is it so wrong that I love it when my kids curse? That secretly I don’t want to correct them?

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  1. March 26, 2007 5:11 pm

    You’ve been reviewed at “So Many Blogs, So Little Time”

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