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March 2, 2007

Time has gone by so quick and I can not believe my oldest Spawn is 6. This time 6 years ago I was in labor, induced because he stopped growing and they don’t know why. I had just given in to an epidural at my midwife’s urging because I was not dilating and his head was at +1 and I was contracting like a mother fucker but nothing was happening. At 7:21pm six years ago today our little man came out, mouth in a little O and staring right at me like he knew me. Our guy is still a little guy on the outside but he has such a big heart and a good brain. He is loving and affectionate and determined and funny and brave and athletic and silly and articulate and gullible and stubborn and mouthy and articulate in a bad way (like, “mama, don’t pester me to get a mohawk like my friend…”…pester? he is just 6) and holds a grudge and will eat anything and loves me and his sister and his dad a lot. He is loyal and kindhearted and I am glad to be his friend sometimes too. I am so glad he was born to me and he was the person who taught me to be a mama.

We learned everything together and for that I am grateful. Happy Birthday buddy.

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  1. donna permalink
    March 3, 2007 1:25 am

    Happy Birthday little man!

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