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Once a geek, always a geek

February 8, 2007

Surprisingly attending college with other adults does not have the benefit of maturity like I had thought. Foolishly I thought people would be kind, helpful, friendly and want to get together, band up and pass the course using each others knowledge for a greater good.

Not really so, it seems. There is a click of girls I would really like to study with because they seem smart and some are already CNA’s and know a lot. I found their comments in class to be very helpful during our lab skills practices and I have asked them questions that relate to real world experience which they have in abundance.

Today, before our Lab Skills lecture 4 of them talked about where to meet and study. Once girl mentioned a bookstore and I said I would love to study with someone. The others mentioned going to someones home for snacks and more comfort. They all agreed and no one asked me. I can’t invite myself to someones home…I am not that rude. I feel so crushed and stupid and left out and I thought I had left that all behind on the kick ball field in 4th grade when fat Missy, the popular girl instructed everyone to never play with me or pick me for their team because I am a stupid head and smell.


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