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January 22, 2007

1.We were ordered to NOT sing “Happy Birthday” to Chica-Poo so we just shouted at her, “Happy Birthday”.

2.I got to ask everyone after she blew out her candle, “Who wants to eat a princess?”

3.We had one injury (a wee-lassie slipped on some spilled water? and bumped her butt while soaking it)

4. Chica-Poo only changed clothes 3 times during the party and only ordered one girl to “take off my princess costume, now…I wanna wear it!” (luckily for her another mama was there and disrobed her baby to give up the flashy clothes to the princess.

5. We got lots of handmade cards and a cool handmade memory board from our friend Megan and a gorgeous fairy drawing from our friend and neighbor Hanna.

6. Our friends Eric and Elise stuck balloons up their noses like a big booger and that is what a party is all about!

7. I forgot to give out the crafts I bought….I got cute little crowns to make and I forgot, cause I am a doody-head.

8. We loaded and unloaded the dishwasher 3 times yesterday and I used paper plates and cups.

9. Having out of town house guests (4 of them…) during the birthday weekend was actually awesome and we had so much fun with them.

10. Only 4 friends did not show up, bringing our party count to only 20 kids plus a hoard of adults.

11. Only 3 dads were there and they stayed relatively sober.

12. We were all able to drink a little because my good friend Laura had the brains to serve alcohol at her daughters party last fall and I love to copy her betuz she is sooooo cool. And smart. And always wears pretty lipstick.

13. We had only 2 friends at first and then the Aliotos came and my house was full….betuz there are 9 of them. AND Miss Melma came and it was good to see her.

14. Many girls dressed up and I made the boys (Cash, Otto and Spawn) some “knight” costumes so they would not be left out of dressing up and don’t ya know they used matchbox race car tracks as swords betuz I did not make them any.

15. Keith made me laugh atleast 3 times and they were jokes just for me betuz I love him.

16. Debbi looks amazingly slim and lovely and considering the babies don’t sleep and are basically trying to kill her, slowly and cruelly, I am very impressed.

17. I wished our friends who did not make it had come.

18. As a gift to her mama, Princess Chica-Poo slept ALL night long and did not get up until 7am betuz she loves me, she really loves me.

19. I only changed my clothes 2 times and still was not happy with my party attire as I was consumed with the cakes and cleaning and guests and gift bags and all that other crap I forgot to do my hair and have some pretty to wear.

20. Lastly I don’t understand why it is a party for my daughter…I made her, grew her, gave birth to her, cloth her, feed her, nurse her, clean her, play with her, cart her around to dance class and school, arrange playdates, take her swimming, watch stupid cartoons sometimes with her, pretend to be a baby and cry (betuz she is yelling at me to..) so she can give me a pretend binky, am her personal jungle gym, personal napkin, personal tissue, read her stories over and over and over and over and over again, re-dress her dolls 3 minutes after I just did it, nurse her stuffed horses, laugh at her dumb jokes, kiss her boo-boo’s, give her piggy-back rides, let her pick the music in the car even though she wants to hear ‘Jet Set’ by Joe Jackson a million times, pretend to be Diego so she is Alicia and rescue condors betuz “when the sun goes down, condors don’t fly”, pick her up and dance around the kitchen, clean up her puke and crap and love her lots and lots. That should be enough, don’t you think? What the fuck does she need a party for? My house did get really clean though and she had a great time. Maybe that is one of those moments that you know you are a parent…you do everything and it still does not feel like enough.

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  1. January 22, 2007 8:48 pm

    Though the party was for her, the booze and adult company were for you. Thanks for a great shindig. And, as you know, we’re all coming back for more partying next Saturday, so keep the goddamn house clean, kay?

    PS Thanks for letting us eat your princess.


  2. gina permalink
    January 23, 2007 4:45 am

    i wish we could have been there! we were riding a fire truck through greenspring valley. see you saturday!
    by the way, it matters not what you wear or do to you hair, you always look stunningly gorgeous. beyotch!

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