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January 11, 2007

It is cold, cold, cold in our house because we refuse to turn on our heat. Last January our bill was $950. For one month. We wear long johns, sweaters, hats and scarves in the house. We lay quietly underneath layers of blankets and feel almost like pioneers ready to kick the frost off our covers in the morning. Oldest Spawn is always cold in winter and always hot in summer. He has virtually no body fat and we layer him wherever we go to keep him comfortable. Today is gym class and we put on his new blue camo long johns.

Our lovely friend and carpooler Keith arrived and came to put Spawn in the car. As Spawn walked down the stairs into the cold, cold, cold morning he looks up at Keith and says, “Hey, I have on some weird underwear.” Keith says, “Hey, so do I. What do your look like?” Spawn says, “Mine are really long. They are long johns. Ha. Johns.” Keith says as they are almost to the car and his voice is fainter but I hear, “WOW. Mine are really, really small.”

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  1. January 11, 2007 6:27 pm

    Holy moly. I thought $450 was high.

    I’m seriously looking into solar, as we’ll need a new system soon anyway. I don’t know if it can be cost effective. I’ll report back.

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