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Why I love all my friends

January 6, 2007

I love that when I suck at bowling that they cheer anyway. I love that when we played the drinking game, “Drink if…” and almost everyone drank when I stated, “Everyone drink who has hated their child this week at some point”. I love they want to make me laugh, are proud of my accomplishments and laugh with me instead of at me when I am a fool.

I love that Megan really wants me to play Bunco AND play, “Lets bowl at the man/mechanic trying to fix our bowling lane”. She is the devil and an old lady in one. She is funny and kind and that kind of warm-hearted that almost seems fake but is actually genuine and that is why it is a surprise.

I love that Gina came out with us and bowled and drank. She looked extra cute in pigtails and the fact that she is wicked smart and silly all at the same time (she gave me little-tiny barbies that I thought were from her son Sam, but actually they were hers from her office).

I love Alexis despite that she is so much younger than me because she is always willing to be my girl crush and is also wicked and funny. I usually loathe women who are beautiful and younger than I am but for her I make an exception. She is no-nonsense and no-bullshit and that makes me trust her.

Thanks so much to the extra chicks that get added to my flock like Sarah, Heidi, Jonna, Katie, Sherrie and Danielle and to the babes yet to be added…I am waiting to meet you fine ladies and look forward to saying embarrassing things, making a fool of myself and being too loud. I thank you in advance for not mocking me to my face.

So, heres to a turkey and a four bagger! You gals rule.


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