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Why I love Bermetta

December 30, 2006

Actually she goes by Detta which is the coolest name ever and when you say in the name-game song it sounds awesome. She has lovely natural red hair and a wicked sense of style. She was one of the first girls that I admired her wardrobe and contemplated stealing some things but would never, despite her first impressions of me, do that because she is too cool to cheat.

Mostly what I love about Detta is her soft, articulate, slightly breathy voice tinged with a slight Canadian accent that says the most vile and horrid things. I swear she can say “Well, that bastard is a fucking bloody cunt” and it doesn’t even sound like cursing. She has a border line evil sense of humor and will always laugh with me when I say something cruel and sarcastic. She is not afraid to be silly and be crazy like the time we went to Miami and tried some stuff on in a shitty chain underwear store and she didn’t feel like unlacing her tall combat boots so she kept them on while trying on her flimsy nightie and bras. H.O.T.

She is one of three friends I have made in my life (and I consider that alot) that I have laughed so hard with that tears came down my face and I peed my pants—as a frequent event. She is kind and compassionate and someone who lives to learn and experience things while challenging herself to excel.

She is also a fabulously talented painter, seamstress, quilter and expert in all matters of craft and art. I possess several hand-tied quilts, beautiful paintings/drawings, handmade dolls for my children (bunnies,really), some clothing and a gorgeous handbag and lots of cool handmade jewelery. When she writes me letters they are bound in book form with a painting on the cover or a large black and white painting of nun because she is doing a portrait of me as the virgin mary. I have every letter she has ever sent me. My favorite is the “Slacker Letter” because it is a bound book, typed on a grainy paper with a lovely abstract landscape on the cover. She fills her letters with poetry and prose. Everything about her life she tries to make beautiful as though it were a tribute to what life is supposed to be like. She is not trying to impress anyone but when you meet her you can not help but be impressed.

She only lacks one thing–belief in herself. I believe in her because I can see how amazing she is. Anyone that meets her can see it because her greatness is obvious. Maybe her oblivion to her beauty and talent is one of her charms as she truly believes she is just average.

Average, she is not.

So, here’s to Celebrity Biscuits, Dog Food in people food and sailing. All my time on Clipper City was made bearable by her and made special because she wanted to be my friend.

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