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Good grief, your G.I. system is complicated

December 14, 2006

Just some interesting FYI facts to make your New Years Eve party conversation more lively.

* You make 1 -1.5 liters of SALIVA a day.  Imagine a large soda bottle and a half–a day.

* You make 2/3-1 Liter of BILE a day.

* If you did not have inhibitory enzymes in your pancreas you would digest your own body. The digestive enzymes become activated after they are squirted out of the pancreatic duct into the duodenum.

*Your body will adjust its enzyme release depending on the type of food and how much is  in your stomach. If you have a lot of fat you will release different enzymes than if you have lots of protein.

* The release of saliva is based on pressure in the mouth. Anything placed in your mouth will start the drool factory.

* You do not digest your food in your stomach. Most digestion occurs in your small intestine.

* Stickier food will naturally cause stronger waves that propel your food down your digestive track.

* After making about 150 ml of urine it causes the Detrusor muscles in bladder to stretch. Stretch receptors cause action potentials (electrical currents) to travel along nerves which stimulate your internal sphinchter to relax and open. Somatomotor neurons activated by higher centers cause the external sphinchter to contract and expel your urine.

I am sure you are bored now. Lesson over. Taking my last test before Nursing School begins and I am relieved and nervous. I can get a 60% on the exam and still get a B in the class but I have to get a 97% or higher in order to get an A which is not possible.

Have fun , Micturate, Masticate, practice Deglutionation and Defecation.

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  1. December 14, 2006 9:51 pm

    I may make these facts into note cards for casual conversation at a new year’s eve party. How do you think they will go over?

    I had some guy friends who were wrestlers in high school and I remember when they needed to make their weight they would ride a bike with a million layers of clothes on and spit into a bottle. Just to make weight. Now it all makes sense…

    Thanks for sharing…I think…

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