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Little Help?

December 9, 2006

Randomly folks come here and read things that no one is interested in except me and the trail of bread crumbs that lead them here can very interesting. For example, just today so far,

“i know you want to leave me but i refuse
i know you wanna leave me
why does thining hair happens…
I know you want to leave me, but i refus
what is your super power?
indigo killing me softly
nude boobs of paternal aunts
goodfellow massage ”

To answer these questions because certainly they did not really find what they were looking for here, in order of appearance:

1. This is a song, made popular by the movie the Big Chill (point of reference for moi) and was a hit in the 60’s made famous by the Temptations.

2. see #1

3. Blame your mothers father, dude.

4. see #1 and #2

5. My super power is I feed children with my boob and can pick things up with my toes easily. You should find out your own by doing some self introspection, not from reading crap on the internet.

6. I am at a loss as to help this person except perhaps they are asking for some kind of help, like a passive suicide attempt?

7. LEARN HOW TO TYPE WITH OUT THE CAPS ON. And just measure youself. With a ruler. A standard ruler. Learn to read numbers? Um, that is really it.

8. They have magazines for that type of thing. I also suggest some therapy if you really want to see boobs of your female relatives. There are lots of boobs to choose from in the world, why so narrow a selection? This may be too difficult to answer in this forum. Please feel free to email me personally and your road to wellness can begin. My hourly rate is $50 but if you want to see my boobs it is more.

9. TODDLER…step away from the computer. Put the keyboard down. Good baby.

10. Lets see, I think this is when you pay to have someone massage you but half way through they tell you that you owe them twice as much money and if you don’t pay it they will give you a charlie horse. You also have to kiss them on both cheeks afterward and never look them in the eye. They take that a sign of aggression. I don’t reccomend them unless you have lots of money.

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  1. December 10, 2006 1:22 am

    HAHA! Excellent!

    That boobs of paternal aunts is a very strange fetish. New one to me.

    Random note: Do you remember the poster for The Big Chill? It had the cast and underneath something like “How much love, sex, fun and friendship can a person take?” or something like that. Well, I had that poster hanging in my bedroom (I was in high school). One day when I came home, the bottom witht the words was snipped off. So that explains a lot about me. I save myself $50 every day by reminding myself of the insanity that ruled my childhood. But I’ll still pay to see your boobies.

  2. December 11, 2006 4:26 pm

    Not sure if you’re a fan, Cole, but Cassandra Wilson did a killer version of “Killing Me Softly.” Not sure if the Indigo Girls ever sang it. I’ll have to do some research.

    Love your MomSquawk site… looking forward to checkin’ out more of colesedwards too… (The site, I mean. I can’t afford to look at your boobs.)

  3. niner niner sixer permalink
    December 22, 2006 2:36 pm

    I know your working for the CIA……what are you hiding from us this time stranger.

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