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Heart of Glass

November 10, 2006

Tonight while lounging, drinking cheap red wine and watching some TV because I DON’T have to study because I took my stupid test this afternoon I came upon a great looking show. Biography: Deborah Harry. I thought how fucking cool because I just love her and always wanted to be her, you know. They showed the teaser of the show to come and then it went right to the first commercial. The announcer proclaimed, “Deborah Harry, Blondie, brought to you by Hamburger Helper.”

Is that not really one of the saddest things you have heard all day? Aside from Ed Bradley dying. And the horror in Darfur. And 1 in 7 Americans live below the poverty line. Men and women are dying everyday in Iraq. And as a culture we are obsessed with Nicole Richie and how thin she is. And 85% of married people polled (I don’t remember where…) said that the Internet has made cheating easier to do. And I had a fight with a friend today and I don’t know how to fix it. And I have eaten all my girl scout cookies (thanks Hanna).

Well, the Hamburger Helper sponsoring Blondie bummed me out a little.

****picture by D. Taken while driving to work in the wee hour right before daylight savings time.******

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  1. November 11, 2006 8:19 pm

    This made me laff – you’re right, it’s so depressing.

    But thanks for putting that great song in my head, indefinitely.

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