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Oh geez I am naked and look, there is George Bush

November 3, 2006

I am asleep and I hope that I am dreaming. I am in my sons school and sitting in on the class he is in when the principal walks in while the teacher is reading a book. The Principal says, in front of me and the kids, “Do you really think this book is appropriate? I a mean, look, it has pictures and words! What is the plot? Do you think this is okay? Really?” she says shouting and glaring. The teacher looks surprised but unfazed and continues on with a shrug. I am incensed that she would do this. I can’t believe it. I get up and go to her office only to find President Bush holding a small African American looking baby with a round lovely face and white tiny teeth and a beautiful soft hair and he is talking to him calling him Little Sambo and a what a cute little slave. I can not believe it. I forget about the Principal for a minute and march off too mad to talk. I need to take a shower so I take off my clothes and am getting ready to take a shower. At school. I see there is a glass door where I am changing and notice that George Bush is staring at me standing next to an American  Flag and I am naked. He is grinning that stupid grin (does he have another type???) and I shout at him that I am naked and to fuck off and die because I need to take a shower and he is a pervert and a racist. He laughs and disappears. I take my shower and dress to find the principal in the room with me and I tell her how unprofessional she is and she is fired! She disappears, literally like , POOF! a puff of smoke. I wake up and realize I have to blow my nose.

Warning: Do not eat a small piece of fried chicken right before bed.

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  1. Gina permalink
    November 3, 2006 11:43 pm

    you are a nut. even your dreams are quirky and entertaining.
    sorry to have missed halloween, it was a whole drama with melissa’s sister and we didn’t get the final word on what the plan was until, like, 4 pm! then we were in a big rush and i didn’t get to call you. was it fun?
    i miss ya! have any plans for sunday? want to hang out? sam was rhapsodizing over alden the other day, but i ultimately figured out he was talking about justin. i think he has a crush. 🙂

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