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The last slug

October 31, 2006

You know when you pour yourself a second cup of coffee and you get busy and forget to drink the last bit and you really want it but it has gotten cold and there is that crack of milk film on the top and you just KNOW that if you heat it up in the nuker it will not taste the same and you will have gone to all that effort to reheat a cup of coffee you will not drink because it is past its point of being delicious but you drink it anyway because you went to all the trouble to reheat it?

I don’t think that any of us do anything that we really don’t want to do. Somewhere, down deep is the desire and will to do what we want. When making choices about life there are subtle consequences to our actions and then there are gigantic consequences to our actions. When you do something and put it out there in the universe you can not be responsible for what people do with it. Some people are ugly. Some people are nice. Some people are evil and some people aren’t right. We live in this huge cesspool of life and sometimes we act like fertilizer to make the world grow and sometimes we are just a big steaming pile of shit. That is just the way it is. Hopefully you make the world a better place but I am mostly hoping that the crazy people don’t completely fuck it up for me.

When I started writing this blahblahblah, stuff no one is interested in except me, I truly did not think that anyone would read it. But here it is, in the public of the Internet and it is out there for people to read or not, like or not, hate or not, ignore or not. I don’t have much choice about what happens once I hit the PUBLISH button and it goes clickety-clack through the warped freakish thing that is the world wide web.

So POOF, it is here. Many of my innane thoughts, cruel ridicules, stupid observations, bad knock-knock jokes, disgusting anatomy pictures and a bit of cussin’ thrown here and there. The center of the earth does not revolve around me and my happiness or pleasures so I am not surprised when things do not always go in my favor. I am reassured when people act like assholes. That means the world is just the way I left it when I sat down to ignore the world at my computer.

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