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Moving things with my mind

October 30, 2006

So thanks to my friend Debbi I see that my son is not making this up and his best friend does indeed think he can move things with his mind. This morning at breakfast at our favorite diner we convinced our spawn he too had special mind-melding  powers and used the butter knife to move the salt shaker while he concentrated on moving it using only brain power.

EVERYBODY now…ride on the crazy train! or Won’t you take me to, CRAZY TOWN…….

***spoofed lyrics dedicated to mommasteph.

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  1. October 30, 2006 3:02 am

    Ugh! How and I going to sleep now that I have that song in my head?

    And by the way, I go away on a little vacation and I come back and it’s all changed! Love the new look!

    I often have nightmares that I can move things with my brain. You’d think they’d be “cool” dreams, but no. Somehow it’s always the doorway to evil.

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