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Things I learned in high school

October 24, 2006

1. I learned to type, properly, using both hands and can look at something to transcribe and not have to look at the keys.
2. Asking a good question is better than knowing all the answers
3. Performing at the Folger Theater in DC is pretty amazing and live theater —there is nothing like it.
4. Sitting in the middle of group of people, all singing the perfect note is awe inspiring and made me feel a part of the world.
5. Girls are mean.
6. Boys are dumb.
7. It is not enough to learn something but you must understand why you know it or else you will loose it forever.
8. Geometry is the only math I have ever found usefull in my regular life.
9. History books in the USA stop right before the Viet Nam war which is kind of confusing when you graduate in 1989…um, lots of other stuff happened.
10. What a fun prom can be if you are totally wiped out on mushrooms.
11. Homecoming dance can be fun as long as you don’t go to the game.
12. Being pretty and thin is equal to smart and successful in the real world.
13. Reading a great book with a bunch of people and then talking about it can be a life changing event. No wonder as grown ups we sometimes flock to book clubs.
14. Being popular in high school does not translate to life long fabulousness.
15. Being marginally popular in high school makes it easier to not give shit what the cool people think as you get older.
16. Cafeteria food always sucks.
17. School spirit is an excuse to wear a short skirt and make other girls feel small and unimportant.
18. There are some teachers that you meet that totally change your life for the better.
19. Riding the bus sucks.
20. LSD and an AP history test mixes better than you think it might as long as the teacher does not call on you directly.

My friend Alexis and I were talking today as we watched our almost 3 year old girls shriek and laugh running around in a bookstore today and I remarked how they, children in general and more specifically my child/ren are such crazy idiots. It is like they are all on drugs. Alexis replied snappily, “you are just jealous, admit it. ” And I am.

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