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dew wap a doo, doo, doo,lalalalalalala

October 21, 2006

The sun is hot but the sky is gray and thick. Children run amuck screaming to pull the awning down on top of us. Confessions and secrets spill although we barely know each other. Maybe the connections across state lines make us feel more familiar. I have always been able to chat people up and meet people every where I go. I can not stand the silence of not knowing someone somewhere. Maybe it is the old bartender in me that wants to know everyones story. In another life my life would have been yours but I met someone while I was young and they were on a different road than I had been running down and I was distracted. Our town is too small, so small that no matter where I go I feel like I know someone who knows someone who must know you from somewhere. I give my self license to ask you a question and you digress maybe too much. There is the choice to become friends or part awkwardly. I prefer friends. We all have our shit that no one else needs to know but somehow we tell it all anyway.

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