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Bigger than you

October 11, 2006

It is still dark outside because it is fall. It would be just barely light outside if it were summer when the kids wake up. They wake up loudly and disappointingly cheerful full of kisses and laughter. The contest begins over who will have to get up with them and I usually win because my many trips during the night to smoother, um, sooth our daughter trumps the early hour and I burrow under the covers and sleep in a bit. Food is offered and mostly ignored then forced upon our son who we tell needs energy to be a good listener at school and it is eaten reluctantly while playing with his sister and screeching with alternating anger and delight. They crack each other up, the kids do. It is completely ridiculous and at times I wonder if they will ever stop acting like they are on drugs that I did not give them? The pain-in-the-ass-diabetic-cat is whining that he has not been fed in 10 hours and is actually sort of dying from hunger but we tell him to find someone who cares. The children feel sorry for anything that is crying and attempt to feed him. The dumbass cat swats at them because they are near his food dish—-because they are trying to feed him. Floydd is the dumbest animal on the planet. We loathe him. Well, the children love him still despite his viscious attempts to slay them when he is hungry. I wonder if diabetic people get this way when they are hungry too? Maybe it is a chemical thing. Our son plays with his new airplane launcher from his Aunt Physsie and races around shierking with his gap toothed mouth frothing with excitement over this new toy. He is so beautiful I can not believe it. He is so perfect I am astounded. He is so big and grown up tying his shoes, pouring his own juice, not only getting dressed but selecting an outfit after much consultation from me to make sure it looks okay together and all of the new words he is using and reading. The other day he yelled upstairs to me, “Um, Mama, I need your assistance right away please!” hm? Instinctually I answer , “oh, yes sir, right away…” The boss, or one of them is calling. Breakfast is finished and our little Chica is done flinging her clothes off and has decided to remain dressed in her PJ’s for the morning ride to school. Her sandals have mud all over them and she remembers her pies and wants to attend to them before they leave for school. She is lured to the car past the mud in our yard and they pile in and drive away into the world.

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  1. david bamford permalink
    October 11, 2006 9:56 pm

    That sound like good fun. I wonder if Ill have kids, or even a cat. ….


  2. October 12, 2006 9:27 am

    This is just lovely.

  3. Megan permalink
    October 12, 2006 6:32 pm

    You’re writing is always so touching. I can totally relate.

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