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Daddy, mama won’t side me. You side me, please?

October 9, 2006

Daughter crawls up into Daddy’s lap and he lifts his shirt. She snuggles under his shirt and pretends to nurse on him by makings smacky noises near his boob. She says, “Eewww sides taste like POOP!” Daddy askes, “When have you ever tasted Poopy?” Daughter dear says, “When I side youuuuu! You poopy daddy.” Daddy, “I am not a poopy.”

Daughter ,”Yes you are. You pee-pee too!” Giggling, tickeling, screaming , laughter.

“You be the poopy, I be the pee-pee.” More laughing choking and giggleing. Screaming and yelling and laughing. Growling and pretend biting.

“We now are race cars with pee-pee and poopy. You need to beep.”

Daddy, “Oh, we are race cars? I thought I was still poopy.”

Daughter, “Well, now you have to be ballerina. You stand up. You dance. Now.”

Daddy, “You are the ballerina, do your show.”

Daughter, “Now I want a sticker and you no get one cause you are not a ballerina, you a poopy.”

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