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Natural High

September 23, 2006

Grown ups are grouchy. Children are mostly manic and nuts. I think we are born with natural narcotics in our bodies and so children act like they are high. They laugh at the word poopy, will bonk themselves on the head to make someone else laugh, make up a string of nonsense words and cackle over their non-meaning for 20 minutes and they bump into shit and stumble around all the time. The drugs sort of wear off around puberty or the onset of and that is why as teenagers we all want to drink and do drugs. We want that high back. You can watch a child spin around and around and around and around just to feel dizzy and out of control. The first rush, so to speak.

I think this also contributes to why children are so difficult to reason with. Have you ever tried to talk to someone while you were sober who was on drugs or drunk? It is unpleasant and frustrating. Usually nothing is accomplished except that they either ignore you or get really pissed off. AND they never remember anything the next day and generally do not learn from their mistakes.

So until the natural high my kids are on wears off, I am not going to try to reason with them anymore. I need to drink more–in order to keep up with them?

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