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Knock Knock

September 19, 2006

Who’s there?


Jesus who?

Jesus, why don’t you konk me in the head?

***someone came to my blog by searching for Jesus Knock Knock jokes. I told this to my husband and spawn over heard and promptly came up with this one off the top of his head. The kid is a genius I tell ya.***

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  1. September 19, 2006 6:10 am

    (opens door)
    “Surprise! It is Kung Fu Jesus.”

    Here is a questy to put before the clergy: If there were a divine jesus, don’t you think he could have studied the martial arts if he had wanted to, and if he did, couldn’t he have kicked anyone’s ass on earth? Then, after he killed them, he could raise them from the dead and kick their asses again.

    Then, he would raise them from the dead again and take them for a beer. The ressurrected person would say something like “Jesus, I have to tell you I hate sparring with you, man”

    Later, at the bar, there would be some guys starting trouble, and they would be calling Jesus a long haired hippie Jesus-type (little would they know…). There would be, like, twenty of them, and they would come at Jesus all at once, some with pool sticks, some with brass knuckles or other sharp things. Jesus would totally kick all their little asses in about 5 seconds.


    A beer drinking, Kung Fu Jesus would be cool.

  2. david bamford permalink
    September 19, 2006 11:03 pm

    BOY, “Mummy…..Does Jesus use our bathroom in the morning?”

    MUM “no darling ! why do you sau that?”

    BOY “cause dad always bangs on the door and shouts “Oh Christ are you still in there?”

    I thank you


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