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Do Not Volunteer

September 6, 2006

****edit…for my friend Sherry who seemed concerned about my strong feelings about volunteering. I am grateful for people who volunteer. Most organizations thrive and depend upon people to give their time, devotion, energy and spirit to an organization. I personally have benefited from many organizations that rely on volunteers. I just wanted to point out the inevitable outcome of volunteering–you are never appreciated. This is just a reality check and not a judgement on anyones willingness or unwillingness to volunteer. I love you Sherry!

Don’t volunteer for anything. It only brings grief, sadness, strife, ill-will, disappointment, trouble, loss of money, loss of time and brain cells. JUST DON”T DO IT. Seriously. You are a sucker if you have done it and will be a sucker if you choose to go forth. NO one ever really appreciates all your hard work and effort except the people that are slogging away with you. Well, some people feel sorry for you but that is not the same.

While Debbi and I were attending our children’s first parent meeting for a school that this is only their second year. Before I digress I must say that in light of the meeting tonight I am taking my hat, NO, all my clothes off to the parents, community members and the reluctant Board of Education I salute all of you for getting it open and running. One of the parents at our previous preschool opened her own school with a bunch of other parents and I got to hear some of the trials of dealing with a stifling bureaucracy but whoa nelly, the parents are f’ing crazy. Me included. There is no system really set up for dealing with issues that arise and no committee or procedure in place to act on. My friend Debbi leaned over at one point to say, “It is a good thing the twins are here so I can look at them and remember, OH YEA, I can’t do anything else. I could so easily just take over and work this out. But no. That would be crazy.”

And yes, I concur, we were crazy to do what we did. Being president and VP of a non-profit preschool was waaaaaay more than what we bargained for. We had a couple of great women to go crazy with though. Tonight made me remember Megan and Donna and how much I love each of them for sticking it out and helping when really we should have all just said “I quit.” I also love them because Megan makes the most delicious cheese ball thing and is so smart, sensible and has the most beautiful hair ever. Donna is gorgeous but she is so nice and down to earth you can’t even hate her for it and has a fab sense of humor. Debbi is one of the only people besides my dear sweet friend Detta that I can be as snarky as I wanna be and she is just happy to have someone to snark with and I love and need her for many other things besides that.

But I am getting off my topic. DO NOT VOLUNTEER for anything. Ever. Really. It always just sucks.

It is this type of evil propaganda that will suck you in. LOOK AWAY!

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  1. david bamford permalink
    September 6, 2006 2:21 pm

    Phew! thanks I almost did there. but i wont now

    *switches on TV*

  2. September 7, 2006 2:02 am

    Sadly, I am learning this first hand. Time, money, energy, sanity, gone.

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