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Our nations capital

August 15, 2006

While visiting the Smithsonian’s various museums today we wandered the grass on the Mall and I took the occasion to tell my son he was gazing at the Capital …the place where our country is made. Sadly I had to tell him how it is really going down the toilet because George Bush is mean and stupid and hurts innocent people while blithely destroying our environment all because some big Evangelical Cadillac in the sky is ready to whisk him and his robots away when the end times come.

My son gazes at me completely and utterly confused.

I then say, that is the capital…like in School House Rock…”I am only a bill, yes I am only a bill and I am sitting here on capital hill…wellllll its a long long journey to the capital city..”

He interupts me and says,” oh yea, that song rocks.”

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